Chaired the production of the UK flagship Global Opportunities publication.

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Lord Livingstone launched the new UK flagship publication at the British Expertise International Awards. Developed in conjunction with British Expertise and UKTI, it showcases the experience, knowledge and expertise of British companies to deliver major projects around the world.


When the idea was first put forward to show case and support the best of UK talent looking to win and deliver the most exciting infrastructure projects around the world, Graham was first choice to chair the publication and lead a Steering Group that included Directors from the UKTI, RIBA, representatives of the UK supply chain and British Expertise.

The publication was designed to fill a gap between public sector in-country relationships and technical specialised project information and was sent to all the UK Embassies, Consulates and Trade Offices to facilitate UK’s support of trade.

Global Opportunities provided examples of successful major projects, innovation and the role of Small and Medium Enterprises in the value matrix.

Case studies showed the benefits that could be expected from extensive and cutting-edge knowledge, deep experience and practical expertise found in  UK organisations. Case studies that showed the UK leading the world in public private partnerships, major projects and a value-adding supply chain and leading the world in professional and technical disciplines.


Graham said:

“Global Opportunities looked to translate the technical product into stories that connect people. There is no doubt that the UK’s passion for excellence and development comes together in infrastructure. The case studies adopt a style that helps provide a quick read and a reason to connect – whether it’s online or off, whether it’s read in Kabul or Canberra, Rio or Beijing.”

The 200 page GO publication grew and grew as more and more organisations clamoured to be on board. By its publication date it had almost tripled in scope and provided a comprehensive overview of British talent across all sectors, from architecture, design and planning to infrastructure and heavy industry, marine, rail and aviation to hospitals and education.

Through carefully selected case studies there was a wealth of advice on water and waste management, marine technology and mining, sports infrastructure and overlay to Olympic development and legacy.

Graham also contributed to the publication by writing the prototype article to demonstrate how the publication might work.

At the launch, Lord Livingston said:

This publication, for the first time, brings together the knowledge and experience of Great Britain and shows the world what we, as a nation, are capable of.’